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    Anxiety/Being an Excessive Worrier

    The thought comes to you unbidden: What if?
    What if something’s really wrong?
    What if you can’t get what you need?
    What if the worst-case scenario comes to pass?

    What if.

    A simple question that takes on a nightmarish quality when you have anxiety. It’s the worry that you find impossible to control. The endless thinking about it, hoping if you just turn it over in your mind one more time, you’ll find some peace, or at least a workable solution.

    It’s not being able to think straight and not being able to think of anything else. It’s also the racing heart, feeling sweaty, short of breath and irritable.

    It’s exhausting.

    You’re anxiety and excessive worry are absolutely treatable.

    In our work together, we’ll focus on you gaining skills to combat your anxiety to bring some immediate relief in the short term, which will allow us to do the deeper work of exploring and uncovering the issues that are fueling and perpetuating your anxiety.

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