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    Trauma Recovery

    It–the unexpected and awful event or events: a violation, abandonment, betrayal, loss– happened so long ago. You can’t understand how it’s still controlling your thoughts, your emotions, your sense of security. Your life.

    But no matter how much you try to forget, the imagery is there, vivid as the day the event occurred. When you do manage to get to sleep, your dreams conjure up the scene over and over.

    You’ve altered your life, subtly or overtly, in order to try to limit your exposure to those things that feel triggering. You avoid reminders that trigger the memories, as well as avoid participating in activities that do so too.

    But now you’re isolated from the very people and activities that might have been able to provide some comfort.

    You feel detached emotionally from your loved ones, like there’s an invisible wall between you, and as much as you want to, you can’t seem to find your way back to them.

    Maybe you feel irritable, on edge or restless, and hypervigilant; always scanning your environment for possible threats, even when you know logically that you’re safe.

    It’s hard to feel anything, or anything positive these days, and what you do feel is frightening and seems out of control.

    You’d like to forget that it happened, but you can’t.

    However you’re reacting to a life-altering trauma, your reactions and the way you may be coping with them are valid. Your reactions are a natural response to an unnatural circumstance.

    Your trauma is real. It happened and it’s impacted you up to this point. But it doesn’t have to define you or control the rest of your life.

    I strive to ensure that therapy with me is a space where you can safely, in a gentle way, explore what’s happened to you and your reactions to it. I strive to ensure it’s a place where you can reconnect with your emotions, and in time, come to understand and accept them.

    My goal is to help you learn ways to support yourself emotionally from where you are, as well as from where you’d like to be.

    I’ll work to help you learn to regulate your emotions and provide yourself with comfort and self-care, so you’re no longer so negatively impacted by your challenging emotions.

    Recovery is possible. It takes courage to take that first step, but you’ve already shown more courage than most will ever know.

    You can do this. You can heal. Call me today for your free consultation.


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