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    Individual Therapy

    You’re so good at so many things in your life. Figuring things out, powering through, making it happen. You’re used to just applying yourself to any issue or situation and finding a resolution.

    But you just can’t seem to figure your way out of the way you’ve been feeling. The funk. The distracting, heart-palpitating, seemingly endless worry. The complications of not being able to just say no to others, even when you’re stretched too thin yourself.

    The unsupportive relationship, one that’s perhaps a repeat of the one before it. The childhood hardships that still haunt. The little everyday events and situations that really are of no consequence, but nevertheless seem to trip you up and set you off, derailing your day.

    The prospect of stepping off the merry-go-round and of reaching out to someone, and of allowing that someone to see you, really see you, may feel daunting. But it’s also a brave step toward self-care and one you can absolutely take.

    In the safe and non-judgmental space that I’ll strive to create for you, you’ll be encouraged to show up as your authentic self.

    You’ll be encouraged to take a pause in your busy life to examine, explore and process the story of your life so that you can work toward a greater understanding of your personal truths and connect them to all of who you are so that you can move toward being the whole, healthy person you want to be.

    Individual therapy can help you take the challenges you have today and turn them into opportunities for personal growth tomorrow.

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