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    Relationship Challenges

    Finding yourself in a stressful, difficult, exasperating, unsupportive relationship?

    Maybe you feel resentful because your needs are not being taken into account. Maybe you feel unseen, taken for granted.You’d like to feel appreciated. You’d like to feel like a full partner.

    Maybe you feel like it’s Groundhog Day, as the course of this relationship is mirroring one or more you’ve had in the past.

    Maybe you’d like to leave, but it’s not so simple; maybe you have children to consider now.

    Maybe you’d like to feel happy, but maybe you’re not sure if you can get to happy again with your partner. Still, you’d like to try, but you’re not sure where to begin.

    Maybe you’ve already decided to divorce or separate, or are in the process of doing so, and although you feel you’ve made the right decision, you’re finding it tough to navigate nonetheless.

    Maybe you’re on the other side of your relationship and you need help picking up the pieces in the aftermath.

    Wherever you may find yourself in your relationship, you can find the support you need to examine the dynamics that contributed to your relationship difficulties, learn ways to support yourself emotionally as you work toward healing both your heart and spirit, and feel whole again.

    In our work together, I’ll hold space for you to allow yourself to feel vulnerable as you explore and process your feelings, and work toward a greater acceptance of yourself, whether you’re single or in a relationship.

    And as you get and stay more connected to your own emotions, you’ll be better positioned to get and stay connected to others.

    Let’s chat. Call me at (209) 214-9717 or email me at [email protected]  to schedule your free 20-minute consultation to see how I might be able to help.

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