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    Online Therapy

    Transformative Connections is a completely virtual private practice. This means I offer sessions online only, statewide to those physically located in California.

    This way of delivering services is also known as Teletherapy, Telehealth, virtual counseling or E-therapy.

    In our modern world where we’re all busy and on the go, online therapy makes mental health care more accessible while having the ability to simultaneously keep your information secure.

    Instead of having to spend precious time commuting to my office, I’m able to link up with you effortlessly online. Who doesn’t like the idea of getting comfy on your couch or chair while doing some transformational therapy?

    And online therapy allows you a greater degree of privacy than could be afforded to you at a physical office as well, as you don’t ever have to worry about running into someone. The sessions take place via a HIPAA-compliant, encrypted and secure platform that allows confidential, synchronous (real-time) video communication between you and me.

    Online therapy being used widely is relatively new, but studies are now showing that it can be useful to treat many of the same mental health issues as face-to-face treatment (How well is telepsychology working?).

    And online therapy sessions can feel very much like in-office therapy sessions. Once the session starts and we begin our work together, the screen fades into the background and I am giving you exactly what you would get from me if we were in a room together. Benefits of receiving online therapy services include:

    • Working with an empathic, knowledgeable therapist in a private setting; no worries about running into someone from work in the waiting room
    •  Increased flexibility in working around your work schedule. No more having to drive through traffic to physically get to your appointment, and you can even attend a session on your lunch break
    • Studies are showing that benefits of treatment are on par with face-to-face sessions
    • You have the option to forego using your insurance. If you want to strictly maintain your privacy and do not want to have a diagnosis on file with your insurance company, you may choose to pay out of pocket for your sessions. The added benefits of this mean I don’t need to disclose your diagnosis, session notes and treatment plan information to your insurance company.

    Take the first step now toward getting the help that can allow you to cultivate more well-being and satisfaction in your life. When you’re ready for our session, I’ll send you a private link to my virtual waiting room and meet you there! It’s really that simple.

    Ready to work toward transforming your life from the inside out?

    Contact me today for a free 20-minute consultation to see if online therapy services would be a good fit for you.

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