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    Feeling ‘Meh’/Depression

    The sadness is profound and feels like a physical thing in the room with you.

    You’re not sleeping well and you’re appetite is being impacted too.

    You’re emotionally exhausted, and you feel sluggish both physically and mentally.

    Thinking is hard. Decision-making is hard. Procrastinating is hard. Feeling worthless and not being interested in much of anything anymore is hard.

    Everything’s so hard.

    Harder still is that you feel like you shouldn’t feel so ‘meh’, so maybe you feel guilty now too. I mean, after all, you’re successful, right? What’s to feel so sad about?

    Don’t shut down and don’t give up. You don’t have to go on feeling trapped and hopeless.

    Having positive connections with others can be healing for depression. Connecting with a therapist who’ll help you connect to yourself again can be empowering and clarifying.

    Together, we’ll explore the feelings that are churning up for you. You’ll be invited to go deep and connect your present challenging feelings to your past painful experiences to see what important messages those challenging feelings may be wanting to convey to you.

    The goal is that over time you will learn how to become attuned to the feelings in your body, to stay mindful and present with them so you can help calm yourself, process your feelings productively as they come up, and begin to feel and think more positively.

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