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    Self-Compassion and Self-Esteem & Perfectionism

    You would never talk to others the way you talk to yourself. You’re often unkind to yourself and you’re often inflexible, and you’re fault-finding and overcritical to boot.

    You didn’t get where you are by being ‘soft’ with yourself, but this hypercritical stance doesn’t seem to be serving you at all these days.

    And even though everyone around you thinks you ‘made it’, you feel less-than and undeserving, which only fuels your negative self-talk.

    For some, perfectionism (with its super high, often unrealistic expectations) and lack of self-compassion and poor self-esteem are all in league together. They’re working together to keep you feeling like you’re a failure who can’t get anything right (especially if you didn’t ace it on the first try), and it keeps you feeling like you’re someone who deserves rejection and harsh treatment.

    Being able to break up with your perfectionism, your lack of self-compassion and low self-esteem is a real possibility. Together we’ll work toward you leaving this fruitless cycle behind and increasing your compassion and emotional flexibility toward yourself.

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